Des Moines Restaurants

We are still in the process of reviewing restaurants in Des Moines (and everywhere else in Seattle), but here are reviews for nearby restaurants that you may find useful in the meanwhile!
Food and Guides
Want to impress your friends with your sushi knowledge? These seven quick tips will turn you from sushi amateur to sushi snob.
Dim Sum
Dim Sum can be scary to the uninitiated, but is a delight with foodies. Learn what to order and where to go for Seattle's best dim sum.
Seattle Restaurants
Casa D's Taqueria
Casa D's Taqueria
Chicken taco with chips
Cafe Septieme
Cafe Septieme
Spaghetti bolognese with stewed red sauce and beef
Rocking Wok Taiwanese Cuisine
Rocking Wok Taiwanese Cuisine
House crispy duck, half portion
Cooking Classes & Events
None upcoming
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